Training courses at New Approach Canine start with a mandatory informational session during which Mike, our pack leader, goes over his expectations of his students.

Here’s the thing many dog owners are surprised to learn: Mike’s students aren’t the dogs, they’re YOU! As you have noticed already, it takes a lot of repetition to teach a dog any command, 32 to 46 times is the minimum range. But that’s the point of training, the humans don’t know, so they must learn before the dog can.

For humans, the most important educational tool you can get from a course is commitment. You owe it to your dog, yourself, your family, your guests, your home, your car, etc., to train your dog 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays, even on vacation, even when you have guests, even at someone else’s home. Mike likes to say, “all the time is the right time for training.” By pledging to do your best by your dog, you can have the dog you want; in about six months.

When dogs are very young, they learn very fast – both good and bad behaviours, which is why you’re urged to book a training course as early as possible for you and your puppy. Training isn’t just for puppies! You really can teach an old dog good behaviour, and you can teach an adolescent dog good behaviour, and you can teach a dog who is a few years old good behaviour, too. You just have to be committed to teaching them the good behaviour for a minimum of six months. The good behaviour training can imprint over the bad, so don’t be afraid to sign yourself and 6-year-old Mojo up for basic training. And you know, dogs want the training because they want to earn your love. Speaking of love…

Your dog needs exercise, discipline, and love. And the greatest of these is exercise. You thought we were going to say love! A dog that gets up to no good may just be bored, and constantly patting them on the head won’t help there. Your training course instructor can help you learn how much exercise your dog needs to burn off pent up energy that may lead them to bad behaviour. Training will show you how to teach your dog to ignore their urge to give in to the zoomies on command, but it’s still a top priority that you make sure you dog has ample opportunity to exercise for optimal physical and mental health. What worked with another dog may not be suitable for all dogs, customization along with your commitment is key!

What else can you expect to learn in your dog training course? Anything you want! Our basic course covers collars, walking, stay, place, here, and customer requests throughout the program. Advanced courses centre on distraction training, and reinforcement of basic training, perfect if you plan to travel with your dog or live in a multi-animal home. We also have one-on-one courses to correct specific behavioural concerns. All of our training courses focus on safety for your dog, and you, to support you as you forge an even stronger bond with your best friend.

Contact New Approach Canine at (519) 208-5559 to book your spot in our upcoming courses. No need to play favourites, bring the whole family for your greatest value and consistent reinforcement!

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