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Cambridge longest running dog daycare located at 225 Sheldon Drive unit 16-17, Cambridge Ontario

Services We Provide

At new Approach we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding all your pups needs.

Dog Daycare

Love making friends? Your pup does too! Sign up for doggie daycare to get them socializing

Dog Boarding

Vacations might not be dog friendly but we are! Click to learn about our dog boarding

Dog Training

Give your dog the education they deserve with our tailored training programmes and experienced, emphatic trainers

Dog Grooming

Grooming is about more than just looking good! Find out about the benefits of grooming here

Who We Are


We believe that building strong relationships are important for both our people and our pups. We build relationships through our team of professional dog lovers (including our award winning groomer) to help your dog with socializing, exercising, having fun and also to look their best.

Why train or board your dog with New Approach?

Training programmes built on experience, not guesswork

The chances are we all had a teacher when we were at school that was just...unpleasant! From poor communication to rude commands, your learning was soured by the one person trying to teach you! This goes for our pets too and an inexperienced trainer can quickly turn constructive learning into a battle of wills between pet and owner through misunderstanding and frustration. Our refined programmes are built from our years of experience and understanding and are designed for your dog to learn just enough each time without overwhelming them. We at New Approach are committed to constructive learning and providing the best education your pet can receive.

To promote good behaviour in both you, and your pet!

We want the best for our pets but when it comes to teaching positive and safe behaviours it can be easy to make mistakes with the best of intentions, even without realising it! Taking your dog to professional classes is a great way to safeguard against the pitfalls that come with self training and ensure the very best is brought out in both you and your companion. Good training is the foundation to good relationships between humans and canines and at New Approach we are experienced in bringing out the best in both owner and pet to create a balanced and healthy relationship that will last a lifetime.

Peace of mind for you while you are away

Leaving your dog with a friend or family member is often a burden to them, even with the most well behaved dog! From muddy paw prints to a house that is just not set up for dogs and filled with unsuitable items, other peoples homes are usually less than ideal when it comes to a stay-cation for your pet. Boarding your dog in an establishment set up to care for them means you can relax knowing you won’t be getting that dreaded phone call about something that got broken!

Peace of mind for your pet while you are away

This goes beyond a good napping spot for your dog to catch up on their sleep in comfort. A pet that feels unwelcome in a new environment when boarded with a reluctant family member is one that is likely to experience increased anxiety and maybe even begin to display negative behaviours. Boarding in an environment where you dog is welcome, cared for and has toys and positive attention to keep them occupied can make their time away from you fly by and help keep them settled and balanced until you are reunited again.

Your Pet in Caring Hands


Happy Faces

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