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First and foremost, we are dog lovers and combined , we have 28 years of hands on professional experience. These experiences make one thing very clear to us. Dog training as we know it is unsuccessful. Like anything else, there are exceptions..but not enough. 

It’s very nice to have a dog that sometimes sits when asked, and occasionally comes when called. The true issue is that a trained dog is a SAFE dog. We have recognized that there is a need for a “New Approach” to dog training. By implementing distinct strategies and studying the psychology of a dog’s thought process, we want to lead you down the path to true training success.


No need for dog training camps! We’ve designed our dog obedience classes to be once a week so that you can practice at home and come back ready to learn more.

Whether you need basic training for your new puppy or even for your older dog, we can help. We offer classes that no longer segregate by age. Puppies always benefit from training, but sometimes an older dog have missed out on these basics.

Meet Our Team

Mike Embry - New Approach Canine Training Academy

Mike Embry

Owner, Head trainer

Mike is the owner/ operator of New Approach Canine. He has been working with dogs since 1991 and has over 25 years of experience of understanding our canine companions and bringing out the best in them. His love of animals developed from an early age when as a child when he befriended a farm dog that he was told to stay away from. Mike recognized this animals fear and how it was misunderstood by the people around it. His insight allowed him to
befriend this dog and his determination and passion to help other canines in the same situation, or with other behavioural issues was born.

Now, years later he is a highly experienced dog handler who is certified in CAPPDT – the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. He has been involved with dogs almost his entire life and has now been focused on training them (and their owners!) full time for 6 years, and has loved every moment of it. Helping create a happier, more functional relationship between a dog and its master is what drives him as much now as it did when he was a child. He believes that with the right training, guidance and discipline, this goal is never out of reach for any dog owner. Mike’s greatest passion is teaching dogs how to interact with each other
appropriately in daycare settings. Just like school for young children, learning manners, socialisation skills and how to behave properly is the cornerstone to a happy, healthy future!

Just in case his working days weren’t enough he also has two dogs of his own, Jinx and Marty. These two are both shepherd mixes and he also owns a cat with the very regal name of Walter – disproving that old saying about being a cat or a dog person! On the rare occasions he is not at work or surrounded by dogs, he is passionate about golf, baseball and – guess! Learning more training techniques.


Professional Pet Groomer

Our award winning Professional Pet Groomer, Krystal comes all the way from West Virginia where she gained a B.A, a Bachelor of Arts in animal sciences and was a vet tech. She was also an assistant trainer at Makor K9 in West Virginia, a highly prestigious establishment that specialises in training patrol and narcotic dogs. Her love of animals as work companions and friends has created an exciting journey that has carried her all the way to Cambridge Ontario where she joined the New Approach team and fit in from the first day she started.

Like Mike, she is passionate about animals and has two dogs of her own called Niko and Cali as well as three cats called Trog, Tiger and Shadow, quite the houseful!. Despite her many four legged friends and busy work schedule, Krystal still finds time to compete in Numerous grooming competition throughout North America.

Krystal From New Approach


Kennel Attendant

Megan first came to New Approach as a student of our training program. Her dedication to the program, along with prior experience as a kennel attendant made her a perfect fit for New Approach. Megan also works at another successful training facility and aspires to keep her career in the animal field.

Megan has 3 very well trained dogs and has the focus and determination to keep up on their training.

In her spare time, Megan likes to go on hikes with her pups. With 2 jobs and 3 pups you can tell that Megan likes to stay busy and active.

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