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Summer is here! And while you’re out there with your dog enjoying the warm weather and big air, we’ve got a bit of a cautionary tale to tell. As you walk through the woods, the beach, and open fields with your dog it’s tempting to let them run along the edge of the trail, and off-leash. But unless you’ve scouted the area first, there is great potential for danger waiting your best friend.

Dog owners need only run a hand through their dog’s coat to know whether spring has truly arrived. Rather than just refill the lint roller, there are spring grooming routines you can establish with your dog to reduce the amount of loose fur left behind on, well, everything. Got a dog that doesn’t shed? Spring grooming routines go beyond the esthetic.

Last month we talked about getting your dog’s physical health ready for spring, and this month we want to talk about getting your dog’s mental health ready for spring.

Spring is just around the corner, we swear! Warm weather is wonderful for you and your dog because it means spending even more time outside, going for long walks, hikes, camping, and visiting.

Adopting a dog at any age is a huge commitment in time, energy, and financially. It’s critical to do thorough research and soul searching before diving into pet adoption. Dogs require: regular exercise, to be fed at least once a day, attention, affection, grooming, socialization, and training. In return they provide you with their unwavering loyalty. It’s more than a fair trade if you ask us, and while we’re completely biased we also know what we’re talking about. You already know about the benefits of dog ownership, now let’s talk responsibility.

Dogs require regular grooming no matter their breed, size, and desire or lack thereof to roll around on dead fish. Grooming isn’t all about looking pretty or neutralizing that ripe smell of dog. As their guardian your job is to gently brush your dog at least weekly, and to use your hands and eyes to look over the coat, skin, and paws for signs of mats, dirt, fleas, ticks, hot spots, bumps, and anything else that may be a sign of distress or irritation. If your dog has long or very curly fur, brushing sessions may need to be daily to keep fur tangle free.

The New Approach Canine mascot is a drawing of a black and white pup named Mojo. The real-life Mojo was a heart-stealing bichon frise who was a regular participant in our daycare program. Imagine this spunky ball of fluff zipping around with his daycare pals, showering our staff with affection, and bursting with excitement to see his people at the end of the day.

When you call us here at New Approach Canine Training Academy chances are good that our greeting will be echoed by a dog chorus. On weekdays particularly, we get to hang out with a pack of our best friends as their people spend the day at work. Why do people send their dogs to day care? 

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"New Approach is a wonderful place to leave your pet. With leaving my puppy during the day I know I don't have any worries and this gives her an opportunity to socialize with other dogs which is extremely important for development. Mike handles all the dogs with care and I love the way he interacts with all the animals in his care."

Tammy Musclow Bellingham

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Happy Dogs

These three components are the perfect formula for a healthy and happy dog. Training is important not just for discipline but also to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog by establishing boundaries. Daycare keeps your dog well exercised but more importantly keeps him/her socialized. Grooming is not just about aesthetics. More importantly, a good groomer may recognize things like skin conditions or suspicious lumps and bumps

Together these components are the key to your dogs success.

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