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Dogs require regular grooming no matter their breed, size, and desire or lack thereof to roll around on dead fish. Grooming isn’t all about looking pretty or neutralizing that ripe smell of dog. As their guardian your job is to gently brush your dog at least weekly, and to use your hands and eyes to look over the coat, skin, and paws for signs of mats, dirt, fleas, ticks, hot spots, bumps, and anything else that may be a sign of distress or irritation. If your dog has long or very curly fur, brushing sessions may need to be daily to keep fur tangle free.

We know a lot of dogs aren’t fans of grooming, be that brushing, bathing, and anything in between, but it’s a vital part of their health care. It may be possible to adjust your dog’s attitude to grooming by taking a slow, praise-filled approach. Yes, even mature dogs! Show them the brush, but don’t let them bite it, it’s not a toy. Praise them for good behaviour with pets and some treats. Take a gentle lead and don’t pull at their paws or force them to turn over. Maybe it will take a few Dog Grooming days to complete a grooming session for a while. If there’s a spot that they don’t want you to groom, all the more reason to have the vet take a look. When it comes to bathing, make your dog comfortable with warm water and gentle Dog Groomingwashing. Use bathing products and grooming tools made for dogs; no matter how gentle a shampoo or soap for humans may be, it wasn’t formulated for canine skin and fur. Claw care is another must. Just like human nails will grow infinitely, so will the dog’s claws and they need to be trimmed or they can become painful. In the wild, animal claws are naturally sloughed on rough ground, but at home, the carpet and the lawn don’t offer quite the same result. If you take on the claw trimming yourself get a lesson from the vet to avoid cutting to the quick.

Your dog should be treated to a thorough grooming – meaning bathing, a haircut, and nail trimming – about every 6 to 8 weeks. The most efficient way to do take care of the task for both you and your dog is with professional grooming. Professional groomers are trained to take quality care of all breeds and temperament of dog. They have a multitude of equipment to handle any type of grooming challenge on the spot, and have a keen eye for noticing potential health hazards. Plus, they’re wonderful at easing your dog into the grooming session. Regular visits with a professional groomer can help keep your dog in tip-top shape and maximum comfort.

New Approach Canine offers a variety of professional grooming services and packages to fit you and your dog perfectly. Call us at (519) 208-5559 to learn more and book your appointment.

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"New Approach is a wonderful place to leave your pet. With leaving my puppy during the day I know I don't have any worries and this gives her an opportunity to socialize with other dogs which is extremely important for development. Mike handles all the dogs with care and I love the way he interacts with all the animals in his care."

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Happy Dogs

These three components are the perfect formula for a healthy and happy dog. Training is important not just for discipline but also to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog by establishing boundaries. Daycare keeps your dog well exercised but more importantly keeps him/her socialized. Grooming is not just about aesthetics. More importantly, a good groomer may recognize things like skin conditions or suspicious lumps and bumps

Together these components are the key to your dogs success.

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