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When you call us here at New Approach Canine Training Academy chances are good that our greeting will be echoed by a dog chorus. On weekdays particularly, we get to hang out with a pack of our best friends as their people spend the day at work. Why do people send their dogs to day care? 

Here’s why:

Dog Daycare Benefit #1: Exercise

In addition to the regular health benefits of exercise, there also home benefits. Dogs bring to your home unconditional love, loyalty, and a ton of energy. Every time you walk through the door there’s a flurry of fur and happy barks and cheerful paws because your dog is not only excited to see you, but to play. There are 2 types of dogs, those that entertain themselves, and those that don’t. Dogs that entertain themselves are capable of burning off some energy while you’re away at work for 9 or 10 hours by playing with their toys, but ones that don’t are more likely to destroy something in your house, or their crate. Taking your dog to daycare while you’re at work ensures your dog has ample opportunity to exercise however, and whenever they need to without wreaking havoc on your home.

Added bonus: Your dog won’t spend the day barking and irritating your neighbours.

Dog Daycare Benefit #2: Socializing

Canine socialization is a great support for good mental health, and practices good behaviour. There’s a lot of care and comfort for your dog waiting at daycare! No more puppy dog eyes as you leave for work. New Approach Canine Training guests are not allowed to fight, we teach them to get along. Our dogs indulge in healthy pack behaviour, allowing them to get that exercise we previously mentioned, and learn to make friends and tolerate other dogs around. You’ll find this comes in handy in a multitude of situations such as when you and your dog have canine guests over, when you visit another house with a dog, when you meet all the neighbourhood dogs out on walks, and simply leading your dog through the veterinary clinic waiting area.

Added bonus: Your dog also socializes with our staff, people who aren’t part of your immediate family. They get to demonstrate their Good Dog manners and practice them so that they’re well prepared when you have human guests to your home.

Dog Daycare Benefit #3: Guilt-free Family Time

If your dog is a daycare regular you can live your life on those extra busy days without feeling guilty that they won’t get to walk to the park today. You can enjoy the time you do have with your dog no matter your schedule, and rest-assured that they’ve already had a full day, too. Of course your best friend always up for a walk if you are!

Dog Daycare at New Approach Canine Training offers a comfortable, family-oriented environment for your dog to spend the day, and for your peace of mind. Call us to learn more at (519) 208-5559.


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"New Approach is a wonderful place to leave your pet. With leaving my puppy during the day I know I don't have any worries and this gives her an opportunity to socialize with other dogs which is extremely important for development. Mike handles all the dogs with care and I love the way he interacts with all the animals in his care."

Tammy Musclow Bellingham

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Happy Dogs

These three components are the perfect formula for a healthy and happy dog. Training is important not just for discipline but also to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog by establishing boundaries. Daycare keeps your dog well exercised but more importantly keeps him/her socialized. Grooming is not just about aesthetics. More importantly, a good groomer may recognize things like skin conditions or suspicious lumps and bumps

Together these components are the key to your dogs success.

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