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mojo s tips for dogs

Training your Mojo is a lifestyle! Training is an important part of your puppy's life, in order to train them, you have to go through the training yourself.  Find out why it's so important.

Be sure to book your Mojo's vacation early! Begin the process of boarding kennel research by making a list of your dog’s needs as soon as possible.

Avoid puddles and mud during the spring thaw to keep your mojo healthy! Our dogs are excited for fresh air and running around. Follow our tips to make sure your Mojo is safe.

Hide and seek is great for bonding with your pup. New Year Routines & Resolution s for you and your pup!

Keep your Mojos paws free of snow and salt! Winter & Your Mojo!

Keep the candy out of pup's reach!  Is your dog going trick-or-treating this Halloween?

Be aware of what your feeding your pup!  These human foods are dangerous!

Recall is the most important command you can teach your pup!  Why is this important?

Swimming is a great way to exercise both you and your pup.  Read our blog about different ways you can exercise with your best friend over the summer.

Be aware of your surroundings while hiking with your pup!  Read our tips on how to keep you both safe.

Keep your mojos nails short round. Visit your groomer once a month.

After being stuck indoors over the winter, your dog needs to be reintroduced to other dogs, sounds, smell and wild animals to reduce their stress and anxiety. Read our blog post on "Spring Training: Reintroducing your dog to the real world"

Flea and Tick season is upon us.  Make sure your pup is protected.  Read our blog post on "Springing into action with your dog's health"

Excercise, Discipline and Love (in that order) are the first things I teach owners during puppy or dog training classes.

What does this mean? 

A tired dog is a happy dog and only you know how much walking or running your dog needs.  Discipline - they should know the basics - place, break, stay, sit, heel, slow, out and no.  A dog that doesn't obey will lead to frustration and stress. Petting and giving unearned affection will train your dog to behave however they want because they know they will get affection from you regardless, so why should they listen.  Your dog doesn't know or understand your house rules, so you have to teach them.  Once they learn, you will have a well-rounded life companion that will lower your stress and give you unconditional love.

Read our blog post on How Much Work Is a Dog Really? to find out more.


Read our blog post on why grooming is so important to your dog's health. As an expert, I love grooming because it let's you check your dog for anything unusual or different. This means you can catch problems such as ticks, fleas, or infections at the early stage. This can save you a lot of worry and money because most issues are easier to treat before they become serious!

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"New Approach is a wonderful place to leave your pet. With leaving my puppy during the day I know I don't have any worries and this gives her an opportunity to socialize with other dogs which is extremely important for development. Mike handles all the dogs with care and I love the way he interacts with all the animals in his care."

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Happy Dogs

These three components are the perfect formula for a healthy and happy dog. Training is important not just for discipline but also to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog by establishing boundaries. Daycare keeps your dog well exercised but more importantly keeps him/her socialized. Grooming is not just about aesthetics. More importantly, a good groomer may recognize things like skin conditions or suspicious lumps and bumps

Together these components are the key to your dogs success.

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